"Perfecting the Pack Between Mankind & Dog"​

At age 11, I was allowed to get my own dog. After much research and based on preferences in breed, size, temperament and specific tendencies, I decided on a Doberman Pinscher puppy. I not only fell in love with the pup right away, I wanted to learn everything I could in regards to obedience
training, nutrition, genetics/color inheritance, bloodlines and confirmation. He wasn't our first dog by any means but he was MY first dog.

As soon as legally old enough, I decided to attend Veterinary Technician school, where I became a Vet Tech and began gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible. Additionally, I became certified in small animal nutrition. I honestly worked with some real jerks, however, there were a couple of veterinarians who took me by my word of wanting to learn everything I could.

The rest is just a long story, nevertheless, I wound up obtaining education (science major) and experience in healthcare, pharmacology and administration. Through college, exams and continuing education requirements, I don’t recall ever not
having at least one dog and I never lost interest in continuing my education/experience in their behavior, training techniques and trends, nutrition and the science we have learned over the course of decades.

No two dogs are the same, one training technique may be ideal for one dog but not for another, and each owner must learn to understand their own dog if they truly want to benefit in the highest regard, when it comes to the relationship between human and canine.